Maha chanok Mango

 Maha Chanok Mango is a high-quality mango from Thailand.  It is sometimes spelt 'Maha Chinook' or 'Maha Shanook'.Thailand, Southeast Asia and India mainly export the Mahachanok Mango to Japan and Europe, making them a lesser-known variety in the United States. This is a  natural source of healthiness and energy, rich in vitamin C, A and antioxidants.
 This Mango is longer in shape. This mango is very sweet and aromatic. Mahachanok Mangoes are great for eating fresh out of hand. The skin of the Mango which is smooth and thin turns from green colour to yellowish-orange when ripening, and there is often an attractive pink-red blush on one side. They have a long shelf life and turn yellow with gorgeous pink blush on much of the fruit when It is exposed to the sun.  Enjoy  this yummy seasonal fruit.


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