Tamarind Rice

Ingredients - Cooked rice 3 cups
Tamarind pulp 1/2 cup (Liquid)
 Split chickpea lentils- 3 Tablespoon
Peanut - 3 Tablespoon
Jeggery or sugar a little

For Seasoning _ Oil 2 tablespoon
Mustard Seeds 1 pinch
Cumin Seeds 1 pinch
Curry leaves a little
Whole dried red chilies 3-4
Fenugreek Seeds 1 pinch
Black gram whole 1 teaspoon

Spices - Red chillie powder 1 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder 1/2 Teaspoon
Salt to taste.

Method - Soak the Split chickpea lentils for 1 hour. Heat the pan. Put the oil for heating. Add all the seasoning Ingredients in the oil. when the mustard seeds began to pop up add the split chickpea lentils and the peanuts into the oil. When the split chickpea and the peanut began to change their colour means they are ready. Now add the tamarind pulp and stir it. Cook for 2-3 minutes. When the tamarind pulp thickens little put the Jeggery and mix well. Now add the turmeric powder , red chillie powder and rice into the mix. Finally add the salt and mix well. Cook for 2 minutes and the rice is ready .

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Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a tropical organic product that has become progressively famous as of late. Dragon fruit is delicious with a somewhat sweet taste that some portray as a cross between a kiwi, a pear, and a watermelon. "It's a tropical organic product that comes from a desert plant. It's accessible wherever all over the planet, however it's native to Mexico and South America. The tissue of the winged serpent natural product is low in calories and without fat. It additionally contains a lot of fiber.  Dragon fruit is a low-calorie natural product that contains less sugar and less carbs than numerous other tropical organic products. Dragon fruit offers more magnesium than most natural products. This natural product contains hostile to malignant growth properties that can diminish the dangers of colon disease. Its substance of L-ascorbic acid can support more splendid skin. You can make dragon fruit squeeze and drink it once every day for brilliant skin. The minuscule dull dark seeds inside the organic product are wealthy in omega-3 and omega-9 unsaturated fats that are great for the heart and decrease the dangers of cardiovascular infections. Dragon fruit has a rich wellspring of oligosaccharides (a starch) that aides in the development of good microbes like vegetation, which supports smooth absorption. It is loaded with high fiber that likewise supports stomach related wellbeing, helps lessens the danger of malignant growth and cardiovascular sicknesses.

Before one year I was suffering from hyper acidity problem. my friend told me to eat half dragon fruit everyday in the morning. Believe me my acidity problem was very much cured. Almost like finished. (One Chinese lady told this secret to my friend).

Finally, eat healthy and stay fit.

Mix Vegetable curry (India)

Mix vegetable curry is very delicious and you don't need any specific vegetable to make this curry. If you have very less vegetables left then also you can make.
Ingredients :  Pumpkin a little
Long bean 1/2 cup
Potato 1 piece
Carrot 1/2 cup
cauliflower 1/2 Cup
Cabbage  shredded  a little
radish  a little
Tomato 3 whole finely 
Brinjal 1/2 
Ginger paste 1 teaspoon
Red chillie powder 1 teaspoon
turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon
Coriander powder 1/2 teaspoon
Sugar 1 teaspoon (optional)
salt to taste

Seasoning - Oil 1 tablespoon
Cumin or mustard seeds 1 teaspoon
Dry red chillie whole 3 pieces

Garnishing :  Finely cut Green chilies and the coriander leaves

Method : wash and cut all the vegetables. Except tomatoes you can mix all the vegetables.  Switch on the gas. Put the pressure cooker in the gas. Heat the oil in the cooker. Add the mustard and the cumin seeds in the pressure. when the mustard seeds began to pop up put the dried whole red chilies and the ginger paste in the oil. Add the finely cu tomatoes . Add the salt and the turmeric powder in the tomatoes and mix again. When the tomatoes began to soften a little add all the remaining vegetables and mix again. Now add the turmeric red chillie and the coriander powder in the vegetables. add the sugar in the vegetables. Cover the lid and wait for the whistle. You can give your desired 2-3 whistle. Finally Garnish with  Green chilies and the coriander leaves.

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Til Gud ke laddu(sesame Jeggery Sweet Balls)

Til (Sesame seeds) Gud/Gul (Jeggery) Laddu (Sweet Balls) is a very  famous Traditional sweet in India. This Laddu is highly made during Makar Sankranti , Ganesh Chaturthi and Navaratri. this recipe is super easy and very delicious.

Ingredients :  Black and white sesame mix 1 and half cup

Gul/Gud (Jeggery) 1 cup

Ghee (Clarified butter) or oil 1 Tablespoon

Water 2 Tablespoon

Roasted peanut a little

Method : Either mix the both black and white sesame or you can take any one sesame. Here I am sharing the recipe of mix sesame laddu. Heat the pan ,roast both the sesame.  It takes only 2 to 3 minutes to roast the sesame. Heat a pan put the ghee or oil then add the Jeggery and the water. keep stirring the Jeggery solution. it will began to bubbling. To Check the consistency take some water in a small bowl Drop a small drop of Jeggery solution in the water. It should be sticky and if it forms a soft ball then the solution is ready. now switch off the gas and and the roasted sesame and the peanuts. Mix well . The hot mixture is perfect for making the laddus(Sweet balls). Wet your palm and start making the laddus. If the mixture is too much hot wait for some seconds and start again making the laddus. If the mixture cools down it is not possible to make the laddu. Yummy healthy  laddus are ready.

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Pad Phak Ruam Mitr (Stir fry vegetables in Thai style)

 Ingredients : Carrot 1/2 piece peeled and long chopped

Broccoli  1 cup chopped 

Baby corn 3-4 Chopped long thin

Cauliflower 1 Teaspoon

Whole pea 4-5 pieces

3-4 Garlic and green chillie crushed in a mortar

red chillie powder 1 teaspoon

soya sauce or salt

Sugar 1/2 Teaspoon

oil 1 teaspoon for fry

1/2 Teaspoon Corn flour

Methodwash and cut the vegetables and keep them separate.  Turn on the burner keep a pan in the burner. Keep 2 cups of water and let it heated. Now first add the carrot in the water after few seconds add the baby corn and let it boil for 1 minute only. Add the peas and the broccoli in the last and remove all the vegetables from the water immediately.  Pour cold or normal water in the vegetables. t will help to keep your vegetables colour as it is. The vegetables won't change their colour. Now keep a flat pan in the burner. heat the pan. Put the oil into the pan. When the oil heat add the crushed garlic and chillie then add the semi-boiled vegetables. Add the red chillie powder , sugar and soya sauce/salt. Finally take 2 tablespoon normal water and mix the corn flour in the water and mix this paste into the vegetables.  Boil  for 1 to 2 minute and the Pad Phak Ruam Mitr is ready.

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Radish Salad

 This salad is very easy and it is delicious.

Ingredients : Radish 1

Turmeric 1 Pinch

Green chillie 3-4 chopped

Roasted grounded peanut 2 tablespoon

Gram flour 1 teaspoon

Oil for seasoning

Mustard seeds 1 pinch

Garlic 2 cloves crushed

lemon juice 1 teaspoon

Coriander leaves for garnishing

Salt to taste

Method :  Wash and peel the radish. Cut thin and small in size. Then add the salt and turmeric in the radish and leave for some time. When the radish will began to leave water then wash the radish and  gently squeeze and keep it in a bowl. Heat the oil and put the mustard seeds . When the seeds began to pop up add the garlic and when the garlic will become slight brown colour add the gram flour the the oil. Keep the gas little slow otherwise the gram flour will burn. Now Take this mixture of oil, gram flour and garlic and mix it in the radish. Add the roasted peanut ,green chillie and lemon juice and mix them well again. if u want u can add a little salt according to your taste. Finally garnish with coriander leaves and the salad is ready.


Please feel free to give your suggestions🙏


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