Blue Pea(Clitoria Ternatea) Drink


Clitoria Ternatea  is also known as butterfly pea, Asian pigeonwings. In India it is known as Aparajita flower. It is offered to Goddess Durga. This drink is very refreshing and healthy.

Ingredients : Blue pea flowers 8-10
 Water - 2 Glass
Sugar 4 Spoons (according to your taste)
Black salt a pinch
Lemon 2 
Ice cubes

Method : Wash the flowers and remove the green parts . In a pan keep the water for boiling.  after boiling the flowers the water will turn into blue colour keep the water for cooling. When the water cools strain the water and remove the flowers. Now mix the sugar into the water . then squeeze the lemons in the water. add the black salt and serve with the crushed ice. 

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