Stir Fried Morning Glory

Ingredients: Morning Glory 1 Bunch
                     Garlic 3-4 Cloves
                      green/Red Chilies 3-4
                     1 Tomato long Chopped
                     Oil 1 Tablespoon
                      Soya Sauce

Method: Wash and Chop the Morning Glory as shown in the picture above. Rinse off the water. heat the oil in a pan. coarsely ground the chillies and the garlic. add the chillie garlic paste to the oil. Now add the tomatoes .after 1 minute add the chopped morning glory and add the soya sauce according to the taste. just leave for 2 minutes on the burner and the veggie is ready.

Tip:   after chopping keep the morning glory in the ice water for some won't change the colour.   

  If you are a tofu lover u can add tofu to this will taste good.                                                                  



  1. Very yummy recipe to kick start the day, thanks Deesha di


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